Breed: Tuxedo Cat
Human: Fabiola Rangel
Nickname(s): Gato, Gatico, El Bebe, Hermoso, Hermoso Bebe, Artemio, Demetrio, Mi Niño, Sabandija, Malo, Gato Malo, Ese Gato, Kee-Tee

Artemius was named after a character in Sailor Moon. He first met his human, Fabiola Rangel, when he was just a month old. The always well-dressed Tuxedo Cat is always ready to play and loves dancing with Fabiola. He often climbs on her back to keep her neck warm. And, when he’s upset, he throws things from the kitchen counter onto the floor to make himself feel better. When Fabiola gets home, he always makes sure to update her on his day’s adventures. He’s a go-getter whose newest goal is to become Instagram-famous: @artemiusrangel.


Breed: Morkie
Human: Tiffany Diersen
Nickname(s): Bae, Queen Bae, Bailes, Bailey Girl, Muffin (BT office fave), Little Butt, Butt Butt

Bailey Rose Diersen is a 2-year-old Morkie — cross between purebred Yorkshire terrier and a purebred Maltese. For such a tiny pup, she’s pretty high maintenance and fancy; her favorite food is cooked salmon. Her favorite thing to do with her human is shop at The District, a local shopping plaza. Tiffany says Bailey isn’t the best at tricks, but she is the best at snuggling. She loves her squirrel (appropriately named, Squirrel), walks at the park, and stealing socks.


Breed: Golden Doodle
Human: Kurt Ouchida
Nickname(s): Wiggle Bottom

Georgie Jones Ouchida is one of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet and gives out hugs for free. Named after country singer, George Jones, the 4-year-old Golden Doodle isn’t afraid to show you the seasons of her heart. Georgie enjoys spending time with her four-human family, the Ouchidas. She likes to snuggle and take up all the room on the bed. An active pup, Georgie loves long walks around the neighborhood, swimming in the pool with the kids, and playing keep-away. Her dad, Kurt, says the funniest things she ever did was jump off the slide into the pool.


Breed: Dachshund
Human: Sara Hall
Nickname(s): King

Kingston has ruled Sara Hall’s house since the first moment he arrived (which is why his nickname is King). When Sara and her husband first took Kingston home, the first thing he did was dive into the couch cushions and make himself at home. The 4-year-old Dachshund’s favorite game is to go through the trash before Sara catches him. Although he likes his dog food, he enjoys human food more. He’s also an expert at wrapping himself in blankets. Kingston’s favorite way to get exercise is allowing Sara the opportunity to carry him the whole way.