Love where you work.

We are the perfect blend of brilliance and boldness that promote life by living it. Every one of our team members brings an original approach to their profession and allows us to generate kinetic energy from the charge between us.

Different definitions of boldness are expressed in unique ways. And when we stand together, we stand stronger. Collaboration, creativity, and shared success. Work with us, and you'll find out.

Balloons in the street, coffee on the go, quirky chess match


Passion with a purpose.

Our culture is built around authentic human beings that infuse their experiences into their work. Collective collaboration that just feels cool – that’s the culture of Braintrust. You can’t hide from ideas here. And that’s on purpose. We want exceptional people who believe in producing bold work. Curious minds that work to improve their worlds and the people around them. If you think you might fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you. Click below and show us what you’ve got.

Various styles of commuting

Our Team

Diverse AF.

Multi-faceted. Hungry. Perfectly-seasoned. Fueled by fire starters, we meld art and strategy together through our commitment to collaborate in a carefully constructed idea meritocracy. Our team is a gorgeous assortment of personalities filled with down-to-earth dreamers that never stop learning, laughing, and living as boldly as possible.

Scenes from the office


Our values. Our vision. Our SPARK.

Smarts  |  Passion  |  Accountability  |  Respect  |  Knowledge

These are our core values that define our decisions and influence our behaviors; the SPARK that ignites our power.

On an average day

Anything Can Happen

Photoshoots. Smiling dogs. Amateur singing competitions. Taylor Swift appreciation hour. Taylor Swift disappreciation hour. Brainstorms. Birthdays. Transparent all-agency meetings. Hilarious quotes. Lunch runs. Bringing big ideas to life. All this and a number of other wonderfully random moments. On any given day, it can all go down.

Pet-Friendly Montage



The Stuff We Do

The UnAverage Day

Halloween 2019

Employees playing around with 3D glasses
Employee working with dog
Employees at the Void VR

Seen enough?

We ask the right questions and dig deep to find the right answers.

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