Meet the Team: Ashley Aradas

Ashley Aranado

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Ashley is one of our Senior Graphic Designers here at Braintrust and also one of the nicest people you will ever meet (not just because she was willing to be the first to do this questionnaire). Whether it is staying late to help out her teammates or providing the headquarters for Halloween candy season, Ashley is the embodiment of the SPARK that makes this agency run. Let’s learn more about her!

Who are you and what do you do at BT?
Hey there, my name is Ashley Aradas and I’m a senior graphic designer at Braintrust.

I help make the pretty things happen.

What are some life highlights that brought you to be a graphic designer and to Braintrust?

Just like how most millennial designers get their start, I used to play around in MS Paint. Then in high school I had the opportunity to take a computer art class, giving me access to some Adobe programs. I didn’t know at the time what the words “graphic design” meant, but I knew that I loved whatever it was. I looked into it, and after graduation, I went straight to college and got my bachelor’s degree. Fast forward a bit, and here I am!

What is your favorite project you have worked on at Braintrust?
It’s hard to pick just ONE favorite, but if I must, then it would be the grand opening invite for Tipsy Robot. I really got to utilize my photoshop skills. And also, because space. Who doesn’t love outer space?

What keeps you sane at the office on long, busy days?
Oh definitely Spotify. I listen to it daily and make tons of playlists for every mood. I find that music helps with my creativity and focus. Also, not to be a designer cliché, but coffee is a must.

How do you unwind after that long, busy day?
Honestly a lot of the times I go home and make even more stuff just for fun. But when I’m not designing, you can find me at the movies. I’m obsessed. Also, video games and comic books. Right now I’m revisiting Final Fantasy 9 and reading Paper Girls.

Any words of inspiration for kids that want to grow up to be graphic designers?
Don’t take criticism personally and to heart, usually people are just trying to help you become a better designer. However, take some with a grain of salt, art is subjective after all. Also, don’t compare yourself in a way that is harmful to your mental health and creativity. Continue to learn and admire others for their work, and strive to always be better. But know you have something to offer the world that is unique to you. At the end of the day, just be you.

Speed Round:

  • Favorite Musician/Band? – The Killers. I’ve seen them about 3 times now.
  • Favorite Movie? My Neighbor Totoro. I have a tattoo and everything.
  • Favorite TV Show? It’s between RuPaul’s Drag Race and Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • If you could live in a sitcom, what would it be? Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Favorite Book? The Harry Potter series will always be special to me.
  • Favorite Pokemon? Starters for life. It’s gotta be Bulbasaur
  • Favorite Food? Tomato soup and grilled cheese. They count as one because they are a unit in my eyes.
  • Favorite source of caffeine? Coffee. Any coffee, from anywhere. Just please give me coffee.
  • What Harry Potter house are you in? The house of cleverness, wisdom, and wit – Ravenclaw of course!
  • If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be? A cat. For obvious reasons. Food, sleep, cuddles when it needs it, but will be left alone if it wants it.
  • Dream vacation location? I would love to visit Tokyo and go see the Ghibli Museum
  • If you could instantly be an expert in one thing, what would it be? How to be an adult. Can anyone please tell me?

Visit Ashley’s team page for more, and to meet her teammates.