Our Favorite Fashion Trends for 2020

Written about Industry Insights on 1.10.2020

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For our favorite fashion trend to look out for in 2020 we turned to our resident fashionista and senior graphic designer. Her fashion-forward designs have boosted brands like Luxe City Center in Downtown Los Angeles and taken the Venetian’s in-room magazine ‘Rialto’ to the next level.

My favorite trend that you’ll definitely be seeing in 2020 and many more years to come, is much more than just a trend. It’s a movement in hopes of becoming a lifestyle. It’s sustainable fashion. Unfortunately, sustainable fashion has become an overused buzzword that people tend to get intimidated by. They prefer the idea over the reality of it. However, there are multiple ways consumers can consciously add sustainable pieces to their wardrobe and rethink how to wear what’s currently in their closets.

When you hear the words sustainable fashion, you most likely think about what the garments are made out of and how they’re being made. And while those things should be something to consider, it’s often difficult to know just how sustainable your clothing is, even when companies market it that way. Some mainstream retailers have tried to jump on the sustainable train by marketing their products as so, when oftentimes the only part of the garment that is recyclable or made from organic materials, is the tag inside the piece of clothing. I think the rule of thumb is to find quality brands/designers that aren’t considered “fast fashion.” It is in our best interest to find brands/designers like ‘Stella McCartney’, ‘Everlane’, ‘Patagonia’, and ‘People Tree’.

While that thought process may require more work than we’d like when choosing where our clothes come from, there are more minimal things that make an environmental impact – like renting or buying used clothing from thrift stores. ‘Nuuly’ by ‘Anthropology’ is an affordable monthly rental subscription that gives you access to brands like ‘Levi’s’, ‘Urban Outfitters’, ‘Free People’ and more. For special occasions, ‘Rent the Runway’ is another great company that offers designer gowns and cocktail attire for rent at the fraction of the retail price. And thrift shopping can be done at local thrift stores. Who doesn’t love a good vintage find?

A simpler way to be environmentally friendly with our fashion is to cut down on how many pieces of clothing we buy. The average person buys 64 pieces of new clothing each year. And 90% of those clothes end up in landfills where they cannot break down. Even if you donate clothes, the chances of them ending up in a landfill is extremely high. Holding onto our clothing for a longer period of time and not buying as many new pieces helps the environment significantly.

I know I’ll be practicing more environmentally friendly habits when it comes to fashion by buying more from ethical and sustainable companies, purchasing less and renting/thrifting more and getting more use out of the clothes I currently own. What will be your 2020 fashion resolution?