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Annalene Conde

Junior Graphic Designer

Before following her passion for art and animation, our Junior Graphic Designer Annalene Conde was studying paramedic medicine and forensic anthropology. Quite the shift considering how talented and creative her mind is, but it’s that range of ability that we love so much.

As a graphic designer at Braintrust, she’s designed outstanding work for clients like Colonial Williamsburg, Nevada State Bank, and United Way of Southern Nevada, among others. Whether it’s doodling the next award-winning webtoon in her notepad or finding the perfect meme, Annalene brings innovative energy to our creative team.

In her free time, you can find Annalene playing her favorite songs on the guitar or crushing her enemies in Overwatch (using her Elmo impression to crush them psychologically) with her dog Maya laying peacefully in her lap. Anytime Annalene brings Maya into the office, we have to fight for cuddle time with her sweet, sweet face.

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