Tuxedo Cat


Artemius was named after a character in Sailor Moon. He first met his human, Fabiola Rangel, when he was just a month old.

The always well-dressed Tuxedo Cat is always ready to play and loves dancing with Fabiola. He often climbs on her back to keep her neck warm. And, when he’s upset, he throws things from the kitchen counter onto the floor to make himself feel better.

When Fabiola gets home, he always makes sure to update her on his day’s adventures. He’s a go-getter whose newest goal is to become Instagram-famous: @artemiusrangel.

Human: Fabiola Rangel
Nickname(s): Gato, Gatico, El Bebe, Hermoso, Hermoso Bebe, Artemio, Demetrio, Mi Niño, Sabandija, Malo, Gato Malo, Ese Gato, Kee-Tee

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