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Cheri Kern

Media Coordinator

With years of expertise in project management, web design, and digital marketing, our media coordinator Cheri Kern is no stranger to working with people and companies of all kinds. In fact, that was how she stumbled upon concert photography, getting the opportunity to take photos of rock bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Mötley Crüe (say what??).

As a part of our digital marketing and media team, Cheri is in charge of coordinating teams and media timelines in addition to writing digital marketing reports for Nevada State Bank, Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation, Southern Nevada Health District, and Hard Rock. Thanks to her SEO knowledge, our clients’ websites and social platforms are calibrated to be the first links that users see on their search results page.

Cheri is also our resident Coke connoisseur, ranking original Coca-Cola from a fountain as far superior to Coke in a bottle or a can, respectively. Fresh soda just hits differently…who are we to disagree?

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