Kellie Kowalski

UI/UX Designer

Kellie Kowalski

It’s our distinct pleasure to introduce our in-house powerhouse of digital design, Kellie Kowalski. A maven of user experience, Kellie is an information architect that combines insight with intelligence. Kellie has elevated the digital experiences for brands like Mohegan Sun, Gorsuch, Capriotti’s, and Allegiant Airlines.

She’s spent a career creating inclusive online experiences that have helped brands transcend beyond the monitor. Actually, to be completely accurate, it’s been even longer than that since she took her first graphic design class at 13 years old.

She’s a calm and collected commando of code that never overreacts and always over-delivers. If you can’t already tell, we are so very happy to have her repping our colors and transforming the digital worlds of our clients.

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