Mike Wojtowicz

Public Relations Manager

Mike Wojtowicz

What do you get when you mix an infectious laugh and a voice that echo’s so loudly, you’d think you had entered the Grand Canyon itself? You’d get Mike Wojtowicz. Heard before seen, Mike uses his extrovert ways and ultra-aware attitude to his advantage as our teams Public Relations Manager. Mike kicked off his career as a morning news reporter before later deciding to make the leap over to the PR side of things, where he began working for brands like Drai’s Nightclub and Beachclub, and Zuma Las Vegas. Utilizing his masterful communication abilities, bachelor contestant looks, and heightened people skills, Mike brings a perfect blend of playful and professional to our Las Vegas office. When he’s not busy at work or keeping up with the latest in pretty much everything, you can catch him discovering secret food spots or cheering on the Vegas Golden Knights – when they’re not playing the Chicago Blackhawks, of course.

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