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Natalia Sompolvorachai


When Natalia Sompolvorachai was put in charge of writing her own bio, she didn’t know what to write without sounding like she was patting herself on the back. Her entire life, she thought she was going to be a professional golfer, competing collegiately and even winning at Augusta National.

She’s so glad to have found her home at Braintrust as a copywriter, and as any good writer knows, one must write without bias and with perfect grammar (wink wink). Natalia has the privilege of dipping her toes into almost every project and client at Braintrust, past and present. She writes a lot of copy for clients such as Colonial Williamsburg, the Southern Nevada Health District, Nevada State Bank, and El Cortez, among others.

A completely normal day at the office for Natalia includes donning her “Zoomies Hat” with inflatable bunny ears and dribbling a foam golf ball to keep her caffeine-fueled chaos at bay. She also has a beloved betta fish named Squiggle, whose birthday falls on April 20th (no joke).

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