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Viva Grey

Social Media Coordinator

The song “Viva, Las Vegas” has a poetic association with our Social Media Coordinator, Viva Grey. Not only is Las Vegas the home city of Braintrust but Las Vegas perfectly represents the lively and vibrant energy of Viva themself.

That energy is seen through Viva’s approach to Social Media, as their TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content recommendations add vitality to their accounts, no matter the client. At Braintrust, they currently manage the social media accounts for The Mirage/Hard Rock, Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, and Hayes Mansion in San Jose.

They may have a last name like “Grey,” but Viva is anything but dull. In fact, they recently acquired a cat affectionately named “The Thing” on the way back from the DMV, just because. At home, The Thing resides permanently on Viva’s shoulders, right where she belongs.

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