Xiomara Hechavarria

Account Coordinator

Xiomara Hechavarria

With chakras more aligned than Buddha himself, our very own Xiomara Hechavarria is a spirited soul whose presence was felt the moment she entered our Braintrust temple. With a BA in journalism from UNLV, and a love for integrated marketing, she brings a peaceful and professional approach to our Account Management team. Her previous work, ranging from managing the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards to coordinating media for Halsey’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, offers our clients a multidimensional touch of talent. As an Ohio native, she carries her Midwest morals with her always and leads a west coast way of life daily. Be it we’re in need of trendy brunch recommendations, a personal stylist to shop with, or a tranquil day on the golf course, Xiomara is the soulful source we call upon. Her infectious energy and gratitude towards life are just two of the things that make her aura one-of-a-kind.

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