About Us

Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at BRAINTRUST. We are an integrated agency that specializes in building brands in the travel and hospitality industry.

The founders of BRAINTRUST are former top marketing guys at some of the most famous casino resorts in the world and we’ve built a literal brain trust of marketing experts that speak fluent brand, design, media, P.R., social, SEO, SEM, influencer, stunt, video, and hover-board.

We’re an agency that has evolved. We’re not all things to all people and we don’t want to be. We’re about passion. Passion for life, for culture and for the brands we represent. We’re about excellence, and an unwavering commitment to that ideal. We’re about building your brand, growing your revenues, and leaving your competition in the dust. Founded in 2006 and averaging 176% yearly growth, we get it, and we get it done.

What We Do

It’s not so much what we do, but rather WHY we do it. Modern consumers have the attention span of a squirrel jacked up on a double espresso. To get their attention you need to move fast, and as an integrated agency that specializes in travel and hospitality marketing, BRAINTRUST provides an array of services delivered by a dynamic and nimble team of experts.


Brand Marketing

Creative & Web Design

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Corp Comm

Media Buying

Web Development

Social Media

National Firepower

Based in the hospitality capital of Las Vegas with teams in Los Angeles and New York, BRAINTRUST packs a national punch.  With clients in 20 states and seven countries, BRAINTRUST has strong relationships with regional and national media and a unique understanding of regional brands. We are a dynamic presence that can achieve your marketing and branding goals regardless of your location.


What are we about?

Let’s keep it simple; we’re about doing great work for great clients. Our team is full of passionate people that are curious about the world around them. We believe our work should make a connection and ignite emotion, and our core values inspire that SPARK!



We think critically, think laterally and think big. We use our brains to come up with the next big idea and deliver it flawlessly.



We are fueled by passion. Passionate about our work, about our industry and about the clients we serve. We have a passion to make it perfect.



Trust yourself, trust your team. Never let your team down, and have confidence that they will do likewise.



We value the abilities, qualities and achievements of ourselves and our teammates. We embody a positive attitude and reject negativity.



We aspire to be experts at what we do. We understand that to be an expert requires curiosity, constant learning and experience and are dedicated to attaining such.