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Christina Merino

Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistant Christina Merino loves many things: hiking, The Office, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos… However, it’s her admiration for keeping our accounting lives in order that we love the most. During her eight years at Bank of America, Christina gained an impressive wealth of financial knowledge and office management that she brings to Braintrust.

As our in-house Excel sorceress, Christina has proficient knowledge of formulas and spreadsheets that help her stay on top of our bookkeeping mandatories like billing statements, banking records, financial transactions, and expenses. Needless to say, we’d be lost without her.

In her free time, Christina enjoys spending time with her daughter Aubree, jamming to Bad Bunny, and breathing in the great outdoors on a lengthy hike. We’re so lucky to work with Christina and we look forward to sharing her favorites — pizza and dim sum — with her for years to come.

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