El Cortez

As the longest continuously operating hotel casino in Las Vegas, El Cortez is a staple in Downtown Las Vegas. With guest rooms from the original 1941 build and over 200 coin slot machines, the hotel casino offers a true vintage Vegas experience. As Downtown Las Vegas developed into an art and leisure mecca, the El Cortez wanted to ensure they were growing with their neighborhood and sought to reposition themselves as the original downtown hotspot.


  • Creative Design
  • Website Development

Don’t change, evolve.

With a long history and a popular destination in the community for both locals and tourists, El Cortez has many loyal guests who visit the property multiple times per year, even daily for some local fans. As we developed the campaign, we wanted to ensure that it was unique and present the El Cortez in a new manner, but not alienate existing clientele. Original imagery was captured as part of “The Original” campaign, creating a series of advertisements that showcased various aspects of the casino hotel, and was executed across direct mail pieces, eblasts, print ads, billboards and on-property signage.

In addition to a brand refresh, we also re-branded their restaurant and cafe, Siegel’s 1941. The hotel embraces their historic past, with owners such as Busey Siegel and Jackie Gaughan, so we wanted to create a concept that paid homage to the era of vintage Vegas.

El Cortez poster woman in lounge
El Cortez poster Elvis singing
El Cortez poster winning hand
El Cortez Halloween giveaway
El Cortez draft specials poster
El Cortez mailer inside
El Cortez mailer inner design
El Cortez home page

Website Development

As the brand and creative was refreshed, the team agreed that there was a need to update the website as well. With so much happening at the hotel, we needed to make sure the site was built to be updated quickly and easily while delivering the information to visitors in a clean and organized way. We chose modern typefaces for easy readability and put a focus on large images so we could show off their amenities such as their remodeled rooms and restaurants.

Website Statistics

Improved stats with an improved UX/UI.



Decrease in bounce rate



Increase in pages per session



Increase in session duration

El Cortez digital banners
Life is Beautiful banner

Increased Demand

As the Las Vegas landscape became more populated with new hotels and casinos, we wanted to ensure that both locals and tourists knew that El Cortez offered updated experiences with service that was grounded in the days of the Rat Pack. Our efforts helped to increase room demand and grow ADR for the classic Downtown Las Vegas casino hotel. We were also able to heighten the popularity of the hotel around events attracting a younger demo (i.e. Life is Beautiful), allowing the property to increase their audience.

Digital Marketing

Launched a digital campaign to generate more direct online bookings



Increase in rooms booked YOY



Increase in room revenue YOY

About El Cortez

El Cortez is the longest continuously-running hotel and casino in Las Vegas. In 2013 it became the only existing casino listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can still stay in the original El Cortez rooms from the 1940s when Bugsy Siegel was the owner.

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