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Digital Marketing and Media

There are no “traditional” or “digital” media teams at Braintrust. Just one team that uses smart strategies to maximize your advertising budget across integrated mediums. We plan and manage every marketing dollar to drive traffic to your site, optimize engagement, and yield conversions. We make every impression count, whether it’s on a billboard or mobile phone, producing profitable outcomes and strong ROI for your paid media plan.

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Our key strengths lie within our knowledge and know-how of the complex media landscape, maximization of our resources and tools, and our ability to leverage new and tenured relationships with various nationwide media outlets. We operate with a mindset geared towards adaptation and with our time in the industry, we’ve developed keen skills in analysis and optimization through implementation of ongoing strategic planning processes.

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Our media team specializes in developing, launching and managing hyper-targeted, conversion-centric digital and traditional campaigns. Using data science to develop high-performing audience segments for clients, we focus on finding, reaching, and converting desired audiences through various targeting strategies. We have strong experience in cross-device and cross-channel marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per click advertising, display, banner ads, native advertising, connected TV, social media, OOH, TV, radio, and print marketing across multiple mediums and devices.



As the world changed in 2020, Braintrust, as a nimble and dynamic agency, changed with it. We increased expenditures on consumer research data and market analysis platforms ensuring we had the latest and most accurate data on modern consumer sentiment. As we move towards a cookie-less digital landscape, we have invested in technology, developing an internal digital marketing technology stack, nicknamed ALFRED, making Braintrust one of the few independent agencies with its own data acquisition, targeting, tracking, and delivery system for full-funnel, omni-channel, holistic digital campaigns. These in-house capabilities, unique among boutique integrated agencies, allow for heightened effectiveness across the digital marketing campaign and has historically delivered improved results at lower costs.

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