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Chad Elder

Senior Digital Project Manager

Despite the lack of an accent, Chad Elder is Texas born and bred. That’s where he started on his unique career journey, working in music photography. He peaked when he photographed his bucket-list artist live, Fiona Apple, and after that, decided to put down the camera and use his inquisitive eye and meticulous attention to detail to the world of website management.

As our Digital Project Manager, Chad elevates our interactive capabilities by overseeing our internal design, copy, development, and digital marketing tasks for all website projects. He leads our client meetings, determines project scopes, and creates the sitemaps and wireframes to present to the client. Chad uses his intelligent insights to add efficiencies, improve user experiences, and increase functionality for every website we manage. Chad has had many victories but his favorite project is a website launch for Hope Means Nevada, a non-profit organization focusing on teen suicide prevention – showing the care that Chad has for his work and for others.

That empathy and compassion that led him to rescue a misbehaving, female feline from the streets of Los Angeles, Gylfie. She’s now Chad’s best friend and Braintrust’s favorite mythical creature. We proudly carry her magic with us on our laptops and water bottles in the form of a shiny sticker.

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