Emeric Cardona

Junior Graphic Designer

Emeric Cardona

A proud son of Puerto Rico, the only man in the world unphased by a shot of 151, and the type of person to casually rave on a Tuesday is our very own Junior Graphic Designer, Emeric Cardona. Doodling on his mother’s walls since before he could speak, Emeric brings his unlimited passion for the arts and contagious enthusiasm for life itself to our Braintrust team. Beginning his career as a tattoo artist and creating collateral for local bands, Emeric later found his way to our Braintrust office where he applies his energetic spirit and artistic talents towards creating outstanding visual concepts for our clients. When he’s not sketching away on his iPad, you’ll find him around the office organizing Mario Cart competitions, playing office DJ, or boasting about that one time DJ Alison Wonderland re-posted his work on Instagram.

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