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Sunny Wanser

Director of Digital Development

Our Director of Digital Development Sunny Wanser once broke the Tetris high score at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. While we can’t confirm that it still stands, knowing her, we’re quite confident the high score is still Sunny’s. Her talent, ambition, and passion for improvement make her tough to beat in every arena, which is why she is an industry leader in web development.

Over the last decade, Sunny has created and managed every website development and programming project we’ve had and has transformed the digital development services of Braintrust. In addition to elevating our web standards, Sunny maintains, enhances, and upgrades all of our client and internal websites while providing efficient technical solutions to complex problems. Simply put, if you have a website you want to improve, you should have Sunny.

In her free time, you can find Sunny going on nature walks, searching for the nation’s best taco, or attending your nearest Star Trek convention. We’re so honored to work with her, and we know that as long as our days remain Sunny, our web development services will shine brightly.

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